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FIX, don't fund, The LEAkING £billions, providing more support to housholds and businesses

By Addressing UK Electricity’s Price-Amplification problem

We need to halt the £Billions in handouts that will end up on our energy bills or as debt that UK billpayers or taxpayers then have to fund. Impoverishing a generation.

Liz Truss' government propose to FUND rather than FIX the financial pipework gushing £Billions due to a broken pricing mechanism that should have been fixed last year.

We have devised an alternative plan, PLAN B, that halts the overpayments and makes the generation-defining loans unnecessary while delivering more, 150%, of the support to households AND businesses.

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Addressing UK Electricity’s Price-Amplification

In addition to the direct problems from the skyrocketing gas price many millions are already flowing out in 'excess profits' (aka 'windfalls') to energy producers caused by an unfixed problem with the pricing mechanism.

Soon it will be £Billions, at the expense of UK households & businesses, who may not survive - unless urgent action is taken.


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Escaping, Out of Control, Rocketing Bills
to Energy Independence

The UK has lost control of its energy, and so our climate impact. As well as our household finances and economy - as the government and PM candidates have repeatedly said, they’re only able to offer sticking-plasters.

The UK and its households need a fresh approach that can provide a path out of this exposure and instability. Without waiting for government to act in the face of the energy lobby.

The Humane Energy Network

This Humane Energy Initiative provides a new, decentralised, paradigm and the means to provide just such a path accessible to UK households, small businesses and communities.

The brainchild of seasoned Blockchain and Fintech expert Barry James, Industrial Fellow at the University of East London, who has brought together a team of experts in technology and finance to create the Humane Energy Network.

He commented “The governments (and PM candidates) tell us that the energy situation is beyond their control and the best they can offer is sticking plasters.”

“They’re right. Ofgem the office of Gas and Energy Markets was not designed for this and the markets and regulation they together designed, supposed to drive costs down, have utterly failed. Putting prices, and vast fortunes, into the hands of speculators (who now set global prices) and the energy giants. At our expense.

“This is why we need a new paradigm based on energy capture and storage rather than burning stuff to generate it, now that we have the technology and it’s far cheaper than the dirty alternative”.

HEN (Humane Energy Network) Pods

The Humane Energy Network will enable households, and businesses and communities to join HENpods (The Humane Energy Network Pods, or distributed microgrids) capturing, storing and sharing energy together to mutual benefit.

“40% of UK emissions are from households and scaling this while helping families escape dependence of predatory energy prices this will enable us to cut a swathe through these emission, as well as funding community wealth building across the UK” James added.

An independent analysis from Humane Energy revealed that wealth extraction from communities across the UK will almost treble from £55Billion to over £150Billion per year from October given the new price cap. This project aims to not only reduce or remove the burden of this vast increase (almost 50% more that the cost of the £70B furlough scheme, each year) but allow that the money generated to circulate locally allowing towns and cities to ‘level’ themselves up with potential for an impact more than ten times greater that of the flagship ‘Preston Model’.

Already building a waiting list the Humane Energy Network will launch on the 1st September

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