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Energy Remote-Control Enabling 'Smart' Abuse
of the UKs Most Vulnerable People

A New Humane Energy Report

How UK Energy Companies are Harnessing Smart Meters’ Remote-Control Features to Enable Systematic Abuse of the UK’s Most Vulnerable People.

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We need to halt the £Billions in handouts that will end up on our energy bills or as debt that UK taxpayers have to fund.

All because of a broken pricing mechanism that should have been fixed last year.

To add your voice to the calls to end the handouts of £Billions from those who can least afford it to affluent energy corporations and millionaires...

The Humane Energy Network

This Humane Energy Initiative provides a new, decentralised, paradigm and the means to provide just such a path accessible to UK households, small businesses and communities.

The brainchild of seasoned Blockchain and Fintech expert Barry James, Industrial Fellow at the University of East London, who has brought together a team of experts in technology and finance to create the Humane Energy Network.

He commented “The governments (and PM candidates) tell us that the energy situation is beyond their control and the best they can offer is sticking plasters.”

“They’re right. Ofgem the office of Gas and Energy Markets was not designed for this and the markets and regulation they together designed, supposed to drive costs down, have utterly failed. Putting prices, and vast fortunes, into the hands of speculators (who now set global prices) and the energy giants. At our expense.

“This is why we need a new paradigm based on energy capture and storage rather than burning stuff to generate it, now that we have the technology and it’s far cheaper than the dirty alternative”.

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